Request a leave of absence : Taking a break in your studies is often called taking a leave of absence, however you may also hear the terms ‘interrupting’, ‘suspending’, ‘taking time out’ or ‘intercalating’.  Click here for more information.

Extensions and deferrals – The university understands that sometimes students are unable to meet assessment deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances, or have significant personal or medical issues. Click here for more information.

Request a change of programme: You will first need to discuss the possibility of changing programme with your personal tutor or programme leader and contact the programme leader of the new programme to To request a Change of Programme (Internal transfer). Click here for more information.

Request a withdrawal: There may be lots of different reasons as to why you want to consider withdrawing from your studies. These maybe due to health reasons, a career change or perhaps your programme is not quite right for you. Withdrawing from your studies means that you are no longer a student at DMU. Click here for more information.